The warm season has finally arrived and, with it, the desire to renew and experimet with new combinations, without forgetting the roots of Brianza’s cuisine… What does Executive Chef Fabio Silva have in store for us? Let’s find out together!

A unique menu, half way between Lombard tradition and international influences.

Derby Grill’s keyword has always been “synthesis”: of flavours, smells and colours, of tradition and of contemporaneity, of Italianness and internationality.

This mixture is perfectly represented by the proposals of the new spring menu, elaborated to impress with new combinations, but also to reassure with genuine flavours and local ingredients.

1) The starters: a lot of fantasy between sea and land.

Have you ever tried the red mullet with wild garlic and Senise pepper, or the white asparagus carpaccio with scallops and Amalfi lemon? Or do you prefer meat dishes? The culatello of the Antica Corte Pallavicina, accompanied by parmesan cheese from red cows ripened for 24 months will certainly not make you regret not having chosen the seafood starters. The same goes with the grilled quail, served with kiwi and mustard leaves.

Your desire to experiment has not yet subsided? Try the Chef’s salad, with turkey breast, avocado, quail eggs and pancetta brianzola, or zucchini alla scapece, served with pine nuts and dehydrated strawberries.

2) First courses: a triumph of taste, between past and present.

The classic of the classics had to be present in the spring menu, risotto with luganega (typical Lombard sausage), a flagship of the Monzese cuisine, while lovers of experimentation can try our Carnaroli risotto (Riserva San Massimo), creamed with Salva Cremasco, watercress and raspberry powder. What about the blue corn ravioli of Brianza with fresh peas, spring onion and lemon balm, or linguine “monograno Felicetti” with mussels-marinara sauce?

If we have not yet succeeded in stimulating appetite and imagination, what about the wild eggs with potatoes and nettle crust, served with smoked provola cream?

menu primavera derby grill risotto luganega

3) Main courses: meat and fish, between tradition and innovation.

You will find among the meats two classics that had to be present in our menu:

  • The real Milanese cutlet, the one that has been little beaten and browned slowly in clarified butter.
  • The veal ossobuco, served with Carnaroli rice that we stir with saffron stems.

Do you love beef tenderloin? Then you must taste our beef with Jamaican pepper, prepared with wild hop shoots. If you prefer pork, you must try the Iberian pork tenderloin, served with mushrooms and celery puree with cardamom.

Lovers of grilled meats, including Chateaubriand, Entrecôte, Fassona fillet and many other specialities of the “Oberto butchery” will be spoilt for choice.

Are you among those who prefer fish? The squid stuffed with broccoli rabe in black ink sauce, steamed croaker (served with caramel citrus wasabi mayonnaise) and grilled tuna belly with shamrock and carrots with lime will surely appease your desire of sea.

menu primavera derby grill ossobuco

4) Desserts: between Brianza, Campania and Guatemala.

The fantasy of Chef Silva has ran wild with the desserts of the Derby Grill:

  • Have you ever tried the baba au rum with Guatemalan Zacapa rum, served with pineapple and saffron and ginger ice cream?
  • Did you know that the Amalfi lemon tarts match perfectly with the tonka bean sorbet?
  • Have you ever tasted Domori chocolate accompanied by candied olives and rhubarb sorbet?
  • Do you prefer classic desserts? The Paesana cake, prepared with cocoa, pine nuts and raisins, according to an ancient recipe from Brianza, will surely satisfy your hunger for tradition.

menu primavera derby grill dolci

As for the wine list, listing them all would be a titanic enterprise, and for this reason, we refer you to the menu.

What are you waiting for to book your table? We are in Via Cesare Battisti 1, Monza, in the beautiful surroundings of Hotel de la Ville, and we are open every day for dinner (Monday to Friday also for lunch).

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