Gift Voucher Conditions

The Derby Grill Gift Voucher allows you to make purchases solely for the Derby Grill restaurant in Viale Cesare Battisti, 1 20900 Monza, according to the following terms and conditions of use.



The Derby Grill Gift Voucher is issued by Hotel de la Ville, De La Ville Srl, with legal office in Viale regina Margherita, 15 20900 Monza (hereinafter the “Issuer”)
All Derby Grill Gift Vouchers can be purchased online at for a variable Tasting Menu, to be chosen by the buyer among:

  • Tasting Menu for 170€ for 2 people (wine not included).
  • Tasting Menu with wine pairing for 240€ for 2 people: our wine selection is included.
  • Sunday Brunch for 110€ for 2 people (wine excluded).
  • Cocktails and tapas for 36€ for 2 people.

The Derby Grill Gift Voucher can be given to anyone by indicating the details of the Beneficiary during the purchase (name, surname, email address).
After payment, the Buyer will receive an email confirming the receipt of payment and the Beneficiary will get a receipt of issue with the Derby Grill Gift Voucher (indicating the Tasting Menu chosen) attached. This email must be preserved. No additional fee is required for use.


The Derby Grill Gift Voucher is a voucher and the amount paid is exempt from VAT, as the transaction is considered a transfer of money. The amount loaded on the Derby Grill Gift Voucher does not accrue interest and cannot be converted into cash or be credited to your credit card. The Derby Grill Gift Voucher represents a credit of the carrier and is, as such, comparable to cash. For this reason, the Derby Grill Gift Voucher must be preserved with extreme care, as it can be used by any person who has it in his/her possession. The staff at the Derby Grill restaurant has no obligation of verifying the identity of the person using the Voucher. The Issuer and the staff of the Derby Grill restaurant explicitly disclaim any responsibility by way of example and without limitation over the misuse, theft or loss of the voucher; such circumstances do not involve the replacement or refund of the available credit.

3. USE

The Derby Grill Gift Voucher can only be spent on a single occasion at the Derby Grill Restaurant and can therefore be used for a single purchase until the entire value is used up. If the totality of the value on the voucher is not exhausted, this does not entitle you to rest of the credit on the voucher.
If the credit available on the Derby Grill Gift Voucher is not sufficient to cover the amount of the purchase, you can combine it with other payment methods accepted by the Derby Grill restaurant.


The Derby Grill Gift Voucher can be used for a period of 18 months from the date of receipt of the email containing the voucher itself. After the expiry date, the Derby Grill Gift Voucher can no longer be used or recharged, nor the carrier will be entitled to any form of refund of the remaining credit on the voucher.


The purchase and use of the Derby Grill Gift Voucher implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions of use. The Issuer retains the right to change and/or amend these terms and conditions at his/her sole discretion and at any time. Italian law will govern over any dispute regarding the use of the Derby Grill Gift Voucher.

For further information, clarification or claim, feel free to contact us by sending an email to