Risotto alla monzese with luganega: the recipe of the Derby Grill.

A tasty and rich first course in which the luganega bonds with the delicacy and creaminess of the Carnaroli rice.

  • Servings
    4 people
  • Preparation time
    10 Minutes
  • Cooking time
    20 Minutes
  • Total time
    30 Minutes
  • Calories

Ingredientsfor 4 people

  • 280 gr Carnaroli rice
  • 240 gr luganega from Monza
  • 1 l vegetal broth
  • 80 gr malga butter
  • 30 gr chopped shallots
  • qs white wine
  • 60 gr grated Parmesan Vacche Rosse (24 months)
  • qs salt
  • qs pepper
  • qs extra virgin olive oil
  • qs veal stock
  • 1 sprig thyme

Among the dishes of the Brianza tradition it is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated, rich and delicious, ideal to be enjoyed in colder periods: it is the famous “risotto alla monzese”, prepared with luganega. Here is the recipe of Fabio Silva, Executive Chef of Derby Grill, and 3 useful tips to prepare it perfectly.

1) What kind of risotto would it be without luganega?

The protagonist of the dish is the luganega, which is not a sausage like any other. It is typical of Northern Italy, fine grained, long and narrow, coiled like a spiral.

The risotto would also be tasty with another type of sausage, but if you want to get the very best, you must use the luganega from Monza, which is prepared with pork, grana padano, meat broth and marsala, a true concert of the flavors.

Chef Fabio, to prepare risotto alla monzese he usually divides the luganega into 2 pieces:

  • He browns a part in a pan with all the casing, then cuts it into slices, seasoning it with veal stock (a thick and tasty meat-based sauce) and garnishing the finished dish.
  • He deprives the other part of the casing, browns it and cooks it together with the risotto, so that it absorbs all the taste.

2) Risotto means Carnaroli.

The real risotto is prepared exclusively with Carnaroli rice, with a large grain, with the classic elongated shape.

Carnaroli is perfect for risotto with monzese luganega:

  • Absorbs broth and seasoning flavor very well.
  • Its large and consistent grain allows it to hold cooking very well.
  • The high percentage of starch means that the final result is extremely creamy.

This variety of rice also has a delicately sweet taste, ideal as a pendant to luganega, without covering its aromas.

3) The vegetal broth is best done at home.

There are very good vegetable nuts, but the homemade broth, with a little patience, has a completely different flavor, and it is not difficult to prepare at all. Just do it this way:

  • Wash and cut into large pieces 2 carrots, 1 onion and 2 celery sticks.
  • Put them in a pot and cover them with 3 liters of cold water.
  • Leave to cook for about 1 hour and a half.

At this point, all you have to do is filter everything with a strainer, and the vegetable broth for the risotto with monzese luganega will be ready.

After these precious tips, we just have to leave you with our chef’s recipe, wishing you a good appetite …


  1. Brown briefly with a drop of oil in a non-stick pan half the luganega without casing.
  2. Brown the other half whole, leaving the casing.
  3. Toast the rice dry and, once hot, add the shallot and a knob of butter.
  4. Deglaze with white wine and, once evaporated, continue cooking for about 13 minutes, adding the vegetable broth little by little.
  5. Halfway through cooking, add the shelled luganega and thyme.
  6. At the end of cooking, stir in the butter and parmesan, adding salt and pepper.
  7. Serve the risotto, garnish with the veal stock, the sliced ​​luganega and and some thyme.
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