Culinary principles

The ingredients used by Chef Fabio Silva in the kitchen and in the recipes of the Derby Grill are chosen and selected from local products following the Slow Food principles. Snippet: Respecting the seasons, the products from the region and the freshness. This is what characterises the basic ingredients for all our dishes.

Riserva San Massimo

The agricultural land of the Riserva San Massimo is the home of three varieties of rice of the highest quality: the authentic Carnaroli, brown and classic, the Rosa Marchetti and Vialone Nano.

Chef Fabio Silva has chosen for his recipes the Carnaroli rice from Riserva San Massimo.

Frantoi Cutrera

The strength of the Frantoi Cutrera is the diversity of the three extraction lines that allow to adapt the extraction technique based on the variety and ripeness of the olives to obtain intense and balanced, fruity oils.

You will find the selection Qualità Primo in our dining room, while we use Frescolio in our kitchen.

Butchery Oberto

The Oberto family has been selecting the best Piedmontese cows for over fifty years in small farms in the province of Cuneo.

Chef Fabio Silvia relies on Butchery Oberto for all meats in the menu and, first and foremost, filet, steak tartare and beef tongue.

Selva eggs

The selva eggs are organic eggs produced in Valtellina, in the Valle del Bieto, in a chestnut wood 600 metres above sea level.

All dishes made with eggs at the Derby Grill are prepared using selva eggs.

Azienda Agricola Frettoli

The Frettoli farm is the only Italian farm that cultivates blue corn of the Incas thanks to the collaboration with the University of Milan.

Chef Fabio Silva relies on the Frettoli farm for blue corn products (biscuits) and blue corn polenta flour.