The Chef

What characterises my cuisine is our high-quality ingredient selection following the seasons and patiently prepared to obtain light dishes.
I like experimenting with cutting-edge cooking methods and I guide myself by my personal taste and that of the people I love to create new dishes that sometimes combine risky ingredients that, when together, become an irreplaceable match.


Chef Fabio Silva


Fabio Silva is a Neapolitan from the class of 1978. He graduated from the Instituto Alberghiero Cavalvanti di Napoli and began his professional career by taking care of all the parts of the cuisine in high-class hotels and national restaurants with commitment and merit. He took care of first dishes and main courses, the garde-manger and the desserts, which he is still passionate about.


Fabio Silva is the Executive Chef of the Derby Grill since 2011. From that date onwards, he has elevated the cuisine of the Derby Grill to ever-higher levels. Today, Fabio studies and elaborates the menu with a great sensibility and particular attention to culinary trends. He still assists exhibitions and professional training courses to keep up with what’s new: creative cuisine for starters, pastry and high cuisine in the Etoile di Chioggia, one of Italy’s most prestigious schools.

The internships in starred restaurants have allowed Fabio Silva to know Sadler, Calderon and Budel, from whom he learned the real commandments of quality cuisine.


The new season of the Derby Grill is the best stage for Chef Fabio Silva’s creativity, passion and resourcefulness, whose commitment is renewed to work, learn from the best and tend to the best.