The cuisine

The cuisine of the Derby Grill represents the equilibrium between the roots of Lombardy and Monza and warmth of the Napoletan ancestry of Executive Chef Fabio Silva. This synthesis finds its interpretation on the seasonal ingredients, which are selected from each territory. And, the final touch: the right amount of innovation and international cuisine.


I’m not a supporter of the “kilometre 0” at any cost. The raw materials must always be excellent and, if it comes from the region even better, but it is not my prerogative. I only want the best in my kitchen and I rely on suppliers from all over Italy to be able to offer it to my customers.


Chef Fabio Silva

A refined cuisine, but without excesses. Chef Fabio Silva selects, works and interprets the individual ingredients to make them protagonists of the proposals in the Menu. The result is a dining experience that engages the senses and, of course, our guests.

The proposals in the Menu speak of the territory and of innovation and are specifically chosen to match the individual seasons of the year and times of the day: from light dishes created for business lunches to special menus for special days and holidays, making use of the most representative dishes. From the proposals for private events to irreplaceable traditional recipes.

A story that is told day after day, following the seasons and the creativity of Chef Fabio Silva.